About Us

Purchase with Purpose

Oyster is a marketing agency with a focus on sustainable branded merchandise.  We have identified an important environmental and social niche that can help our clients tell their story and connect with customers in their desire to buy brands and work for companies whose values align with theirs.

We provide top quality customer service getting products to our clients on time and on budget. Our deep corporate and brand marketing experience, in-house graphic design and focus on sustainable options ensure our clients can purchase with peace of mind, knowing their promotional merchandise is in line with their brand values.

Our purpose in creating Oyster is to provide a way for companies to close the gap between their high-level sustainability goals and imperatives and translate these down to the level of the brand. Companies that care about the details (like branded merchandise) demonstrate that they are aligned with their values and pay attention to the larger, more impactful things.

And at a personal level, our purpose is to inspire people to lead more sustainable, healthier lives.


Our vision is that companies will reach for the sustainable choice first and that this will in turn inspire manufacturers to provide better quality, better design and at a similar price; we believe we can get there.

When our clients make a sustainable choice, they are helping build momentum towards a healthier planet.​ And better health for all of us.

If you are looking for Made in Canada products (or products made locally for you), products made from recycled material and/or recyclable, biodegradable or that have other sustainable factors, we are here to help. Through our sustainable products we help you tell your brand stories to clients, customers and employees.

Help us make a difference—support products that are made from recycled materials, recyclable and/or made in your neck of the woods.

Who We Are

Jane Mitchell

As the Founder of Oyster Promo Inc. Jane is passionate about sustainability and to inspiring others to adopt a sustainability mindset.  After a career in international sports marketing, strategic communications, and brand management, Jane started Oyster in 2015. Her dream is to make sustainability so mainstream that anything else would be considered strange. She is passionate about being out in nature—in the forest or near the ocean—and staying as active as possible.

Holly Foxall

Holly is a sustainability associate with Oyster. After completing a BSc from Queen’s University in Environmental Science, Holly went on to do a Masters of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Saint Mary’s University.  Holly works with Oyster in many ways. She is particularly focused on women’s empowerment.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can order online through our quote system or by emailing. We will need your approval for artwork, but contact is by email and can be as minimal as you’d like. 

    If you want more ideas or to discuss a project, we’re here for that too.

    Product delivery times vary. Some products can be ordered and delivered in a week, others take several weeks. Approximate time from artwork approval to shipping is 10 business days. 

    Decorating is when we put your logo or artwork onto a product. There are a number of ways we decorate a product: silkscreening, embroidery, pad printing or even stitching on a patch. 

    Minimum order quantities vary per product. A good rule of thumb is that the more expensive a product is, the lower the minimums are. 

    Yes, we accept credit card payments. 

    Artwork needs to be submitted in a high resolution .eps or .ai file.

    RPET stands for: recycled polyethylene terephthalate. RPET takes plastic that has already been created, usually plastic bottles, and chops the bottles into tiny flakes. These flakes are then melted to separate the core PET ingredient inside of the bottle. This PET can then be used to make anything from a sweater to another plastic bottle. Not only is up to 50% less energy used than making PET from scratch, but by using existing bottles already created, it ensures these bottle don’t end up in landfill. 

    We can source from thousands of products. Our website has a small selection of products to give an idea of what we offer. If you don’t see it on our site, chances are we can find it for you.