Communicating Sustainability

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Communicating Sustainability - Embracing the Green Revolution

At the beginning of the pandemic, the natural world had a chance to repair itself and began to do so right before our eyes. Regeneration was happening all around us and gave, and continues to give, great hope.

Research during the summer of 2020, showed that 84% of consumers want the brands they purchase to communicate sustainability, to stand for something, to support causes, and provide a benefit to society beyond consumption and profit.

Over the past years business, governments, universities and millions of people around the world have taken action to create a more sustainable world. However, few companies are translating their high level corporate commitments (to sustainability) down to the level of their brand.

When communicating sustainability there are several basics to keep in mind:

1. Express optimism – this is not a denial of what is, but a belief that the future is positive.

Check out the Smithsonian’s #earthoptimism.

“To be effective, we require and deserve a conversation that includes possibility and opportunity, not repetitive emphasis on our undoing”, Elin Kelsey, Professor, University of Victoria, British Columbia.

2. Be honest, clear, and transparent.

3. Communicate values more and growth at all costs less.

4. Health and well-being are front and centre in people’s minds and can be an important element of sustainability messaging.

There is an opportunity for guidance and solutions from key players across the world to enable healthier and more sustainable living.

5. Engage people through education, storytelling and programming to connect on an emotional level.

6. Embrace the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and communicate your actions relative to the Goals.

David Attenborough recently said: “this is the very last moment we have in which we can hope to stem some of these disasters”.  We have been given a chance, perhaps the last chance, to come together to make change and to save our natural world and ourselves.

Let’s use this moment to embrace sustainability and communicate with impact, connection and understanding.

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