Design Tips for creating beautiful Custom Merch

Posted by Jane Mitchell on

Tip #1: Design is super important.

  • Design can and should reflect your brand positively.
  • Design can get your message across with impact.
  • The more beautiful, creative, and pleasing something looks, the more it will be used.
  • Design allows you to make a less expensive product stand out in a good way.
Action:  have an in-house graphic designer come up with some design ideas or layouts. Or ask us about our graphic design options.

Tip #2: Camera ready Art

Make sure to supply camera ready art for printing on branded merch this will save time.
The format should be high resolution vector art in a .eps. .pdf or .ai format. .jpg will not work in most cases.

Action:  check the format (file ending) of your artwork before sending.   If it is not correct, it needs to be converted into vector art in a .eps, .pdf or .ai format.

Tip #3: Try something different

  • Use a statement, create/use icons, think about colour, come up with a specific phrase or words.
  • Be bold and have fun.
  • Check the size of available imprint area - every product has a different area they can print in and many have various options.
  • Find out whether there is flexibility in your imprint space options.

Action:  Be creative in your artwork.  Think outside the box and have a graphic designer work with you on cool ideas.

We're here to help.  Contact us at: for your branded merchandise and design needs.

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