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Face masks are becoming ubiquitous and as all areas of life begin to open back up, having the right mask will make it easier and more likely that you will wear it.  We have many options available and have compiled a list below of important factors to keep in mind when choosing a mask.

Reusable Face Masks

These are face masks that you are going to use multiple times. Ideally, they are durable, light, comfortable and easy to use. Below are key considerations to think about when ordering masks. 

1) What are they made of? Ideally masks will be made from cotton or a cotton blend and have at least 2 layers.  Many have a cotton lining that is closest to your face and a polyester exterior.

2) How to wash your mask: most masks can be thrown into the washing machine on a hot water cycle.  Depending on the sturdiness of the mask put in dryer or hang to dry.  For lighter weight masks, hand wash in hot water with soap, this will lengthen the life of the mask. 

3) Origin:  We are working with many Canadian and US companies who are making masks and have them available now.  There are also options coming from overseas.

4) Tie or Elastic:  A mask that has loops for around the ear or behind the head is easiest to wear. The other option is a mask that ties behind the head.  If you go with this option - leave the top straps tied, slip over your head and then tie the bottom laces each time.  Buffs or neck gaiters are also good options in certain circumstances.

5) Sizes:  Some masks are one size only while others have multiple size options.  There are children and youth sizes available in some masks.

6)  Imprint/Decoration:  If you silkscreen, the usual option is a one colour imprint only.  If you go this route, ask for water based inks and consider having the logo to the side.  For multiple colours heat transfer is a good option or full sublimation is available for some masks.

7) Inventory:  Inventory has been variable as suppliers gear up for demand however, stocks right now are good.

8) Price: we have seen options from $2 (single layer) up to $17 (made in the US and sublimated) and many price points in between.

9) How many masks does each person need?  We recommend 2 or 3 reusable masks per person and that each organization has a stock of single use masks in case of visitors or if people forget to bring their reusable mask.

10) Timing: Branded masks are shipping from 7 days through to 20 days from approval of artwork.  If you are looking for unbranded masks, shipping can sometimes be as fast as next day.

Single Use Unbranded Masks

We recommend that you have a stock of single use masks on hand.  These come from overseas.  Our Canadian and US suppliers of the overseas masks have them in stock and can often ship next day.  These are not the medical grade N95 or other respirator style masks.

For other information please contact:  jane@oysterpromo.com or call:  902 452 9664.

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