Respiratory Etiquette

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There is a new term coming into use - respiratory etiquette.  And in today's world it is a term we will become familiar with quickly.

Respiratory etiquette refers to how we protect ourselves and others from spreading respiratory germs and illness.

From wearing masks to regular hand washing, coughing into your elbow, using hand sanitizer, staying home when sick and maintaining social distancing when necessary - when we practise these actions, they will become habits and we will be observing and practising good respiratory etiquette!

Face masks make up a very important part of this, for the current pandemic as well as for flu season and beyond.  Having masks with you at the right time and place is key.

Product Tips:
1) have disposable masks available at home, in your bag, and in the car.
2) have several reusable masks.
3) have a carry pouch for your masks to maintain cleanliness.
4) wash masks frequently.
5) have a laundry pouch specifically for face masks so that they do not get tangled and stay in good shape in the wash.
6) keep a pocket size hand sanitizer with you in your bag and in the car.
7) consider a care kit with gloves, mask, hand sanitizer.

Posted by Jane Mitchell

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