Welcoming the Green Revolution

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Mother Earth is constantly repairing herself and is doing so now right before our eyes.  As levels of air pollution (NO2 Nitrogen oxide) have been reduced by up to 40% in some areas of the world due to the stay at home orders in order to contain the coronavirus, the air we breathe is literally cleaning itself.

At the same time, seismologists have noted a reduction in noise levels that allows them to hear seismic activity that they haven't been able to in the recent past due to human noise.  With up to 30% less noise pollution, the birds are louder, the oceans are quieter allowing whales and other marine life to communication more easily and less stressfully.  And the outdoor world feels a bit more peaceful for many.

We must listen to the messages from the earth that the COVID-19 pandemic has sent.  We will all benefit if we do.  We need a healthy Mother Earth for our own health and for all living things.

During this crisis we have naturally moved towards a simpler, healthier world.  Our values of kindness, community, and compassion have automatically come to the forefront for most of us during this pandemic.  The things that really matter are front and centre.  Can we hang onto this coming together of humanity and continue to fight as one against climate change?

In an article in the April 17th edition of the Economist magazine Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England, drew parallels to the response to COVID-19 and the need for a heightened response to climate change.  "Once this war against an invisible enemy is over, our ambitions should be bolder - nothing less than to make a 'fit planet for our grandchildren to live on'."

And as David Attenborough recently said: "this is the very last moment we have in which we can hope to stem some of these disasters".  We have been give a chance, perhaps the last chance, to come together and to make change and to save our natural world.

We all need to take action.  How you communicate sustainability will make a difference.  There are a few basics to keep in mind:
1) Health and well-being is front and centre in people's minds.  It is important to pay attention to this.
2) Communicate values more and growth at all costs less.
3) Be honest and transparent.
4) Express optimism - this is not a denial of what is, but a belief that the future is positive.

By:  Jane Mitchell, Oyster Promo Inc. Contact:  jane@oysterpromo.com
Photo:  Elena Mozhrilo, Unsplash

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