2023 Trends in Branded Merch

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In our second post about trends for the year ahead we clarify some specific trends we are seeing for 2023.

1. Comfort and Cozy - with a home focus.

Branded merch products for your home is a key category.  From beautiful kitchen pieces to bar utensils, to recycled blankets, there are more and more products that can be branded and are beautiful to have at home.  This is reflective, in part, of people working at home more of the time and of our homes providing comfort and relaxation.

2. in Nature

With more people heading out to the trails for exercise, and the greater awareness of the importance of nature and the well-being effects to spending time in the fresh air - we are seeing more backpacks made from recycled material, technical gear, apparel, all with a focus on quality brands to make your time outdoors the best possible.

3. Faster service, more tech supported

With clients demanding top service and often tight timelines, the industry has responded with faster production times and streamlined processes that are tech enabled.

It’s a great time to be looking for branded merchandise.  There are so many options from top brand names to less expensive products, from locally made to made overseas or near shoring, from recycled material and ocean plastic to products that give back to any number of different programs.  Whatever your focus or whatever products you are looking for, at Oyster we are well positioned to meet your needs within your time frame and with sustainable options that reflect your values.

We look forward to working with you.  Please reach out if you’d like an estimate or ideas for your next event, employee engagement program, client gift, sponsorship giveaway or any number of other needs you may have.

Contact:  jane@oysterpromo.com

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