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It is early days, but there are trends in the branded merchandise world that have started this year and look like they will expand in 2023.

In general, branded merchandise is taking up a greater percentage of the marketing budgets of many companies.  It has become a part of many marketing initiatives and as events come back both in person and online - branded merch can be experiential, high touch, and personal at the same time - making it a perfect fit for corporate events, sports activities, conferences, employee gifts and much more.

Here are a few of the trends that are shaping up:

1. Brands and Higher end products
There are more brand names available in the promotional products industry.  From Patagonia, Hydro Flask, Klean Kanteen, Miir, to Stormtech, Herschel, tentree, Moleskine and many more.  This also represents a move to higher end products.

2. Heightened focus on Sustainability
We are pleased to see more recycled material in products and products that are made closer to home.   We know that sustainable products are being requested by clients more than other products.  Sustainable can mean: products that are made from recycled material, products that are recyclable and reusable, to products that give back in various ways, to products that are made locally.  Many larger suppliers are ‘near-shoring’.  This refers to the practise of manufacturing a product as close as possible to your country. For example if a company is based in the US and doesn’t have the capacity to manufacture in the US, they might set up shop in Mexico - rather than manufacturing in China.

3. Employee programs and a focus on HR
From on-boarding kits to incentives to awards to gifts, there is a renewed focus on great branded merch for employees.  You can send a powerful message to new employees by creating employee kits that align with your company values.  For example: an onboarding kit that includes a recycled hoodie or zip, a bottle with a giving code, and notebook made in your country sends a powerful message!

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