An Unexpected Benefit

Posted by Jane Mitchell on

outdoorsy woman on beach with reusable cupPromotional merchandise could be an entry point for people to become more sustainable.  When you give someone a sustainable product (recycled, recyclable, locally made) and they like it – it could encourage them to purchase more sustainably themselves.  We’ve heard anecdotal evidence that receiving a sustainable product served as a reminder to people and incentive to make positive changes in other areas of their life.
We know that when you think your neighbour (or friend) is doing something, you are more likely to do it.  The inverse is true too – when you think someone isn’t recycling, you wonder why you are making all the effort when no one else is.
If you’ve been at the grocery store and everyone is pulling out their reusable bags and you have to ask (and pay) for a plastic or paper one - it's embarrassing and we don’t want that to happen again.  We rise to the actions of others.
Purchase with purpose and see your actions make a positive difference.

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