Let's make 2019 Green, or is that Coral?

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Living coral productsNo, we're not changing our brand colour.

Living coral is the colour of 2019.  Pantone, the organization that chooses the colour, has made the choice in part to keep a focus on the environment - it was Greenery in 2017.  Living coral takes the environment, life below water, and nature into consideration.

The word for 2018 was announced recently and it is 'single use' according to Collins Dictionary.  The Oxford Dictionary chose another word for 2018: toxic.  These words are chosen as they are considered to reflect the ethos, mood, or preoccupation of the year.

Perhaps not meant to be taken too seriously, taken together these words and colours reflect a growing concern and the desire of more and more people to make a positive difference. To be part of the solution to the climate change crisis rather than part of the problem. And to live a healthy life more in tune with nature.

Along the same lines we are seeing the desire in people and companies to know where their products are coming from, who made them, and what is happening throughout the entire supply chain. The provenance of a product. 

At Oyster, we're here to help you purchase with purpose and to tell your brand's story through your branded merchandise.

Let us help you move to more sustainable products and inspire your customers, employees, and others with your unique, useful, and beautifully designed sustainable merchandise.

May 2019 bring you much health, peace, and happiness.

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