Communicating Sustainability through Purposeful Branded Goods

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Sustainable branded merchandise is a simple and tangible way for companies to communicate their sustainability efforts.  The complexity of sustainability, the word itself, and the fact that so many of related actions are out of sight, make communicating these efforts difficult.

Here’s how purposeful branded goods can help communicate sustainability:

1) Branded merch is tangible - wearing a branded recycled polo shirt, carrying a locally made logo’d tote bag - these bring to light sustainability in a very real way and stay with your audience for a long time.

2) It’s immediate and there is an emotional component.  Sending a box of conference swag or new employee merch is an opportunity to delight.  Handing someone a water bottle or other product creates a connection.

3) Combined with a  ‘giving back’ component, branded merchandise becomes even more powerful.  Many products today have a giving back component - from planting a tree for each order, to contributing to projects to provide water, to helping keep plastic from getting into the ocean.  In some instances these are trackable on each product.

Here are a few simple ways to be purposeful in your branded merchandise purchases:

- buy local if possible
- use local decorators (embroidery, silkscreening)
- buy quality products that are useful and have recycled components
- quality is better than quantity - purchase the best quality you can.

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