How to Clean up your Branded Merchandise

How to Clean up your Branded Merchandise

Posted by Jane Mitchell on

It is a hopeful time for many as events start up, restaurants and other hospitality venues are opening to full houses, sports teams are competing and training, and in person (or virtual/in-person combo) conferences are being scheduled.

Before you start ordering the same branded merchandise, take a minute and assess whether you are making the sustainable choice.  Are the products you are ordering aligned with your values.  Are they useful, made from recycled material, recyclable, and maybe locally made?

Here are a few ways to make sure your branded merch is adding the most value to your brand:

Know what the product is made of.

  • Is there a recycled component?
  • Is it possible to recycle the product at end of use?

Find out where it is made, designed, decorated.

  • Is the product made locally in your region?
  • If not locally made, can the product be decorated locally giving business to local designers, embroiderers and silk screeners?

Is it useful to your audience?

  • Can it be reused and is it the quality people will want to reuse?

Is it well made and durable?

Who made it?

  • Does it come from a company and manufacturing facility with fair labour practises?

Giving back

  • Many products are including a ‘giving back’ component to their products.
  • This may include giving a percentage of profits to a cause.

We believe that your branded merch can be well designed, useful and build your brand values. One of the best ways to achieve this is to pay attention to the sustainability factors of the product.  If you’d like more information, we’d love to hear from you:

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