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Woman wearing bright red shirt with big Loewe logo on itLogos are big this fall.  Clothes are sporting larger logos, influencers are wearing head to toe brand names and high end fashion is leading the way.

This is good news for your brand and your branded merchandise.  Let your logo shine bright and you will be on-trend.

Whether you are looking for conference giveaways at your booth, workshop journals, employee apparel, holiday gifts or have other needs, here are some of our top picks for fall.

Stainless reusable straws are one of the most popular products now.  They come on their own or in pouches that allow you to store them easily.  Most can be bundled with a cleaner.

Travel mugs with a difference: reusable mugs in many shapes and sizes are still key to encouraging multi-use and discouraging single use plastic.  One of our favorites now is a collapsible mug that stores easily when not in use.

Made in Canada:  whether is a cool custom journal, knitted toque, a great jacket made from recycled PET, or a fabulous branded cutting board - we have our eyes open for Canadian manufacturers and producers.

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