Keeping your branded merchandise from landfill

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hands holding three glass bottles filled with rocks against a pink and blue skyPromotional merchandise has got a bad rap recently.  And for good reason.  It is a multi-billion dollar industry in North America ($2 billion in Canada and $24 billion in the US) with too many of the products ending up in landfill.  Too many of the products are low quality, low cost - some of which are even left behind at the conference where they are given out.

A recent article in Fast Company drove this home.  

But, here's the thing - there are options.  Branded merchandise is a great way to make an emotional connection - with the right piece, well decorated, you can send a message and tell a story about your business, your products, and your values. 

At Oyster, we find sustainable products for your branded merchandise needs.  From plantable seed cards to t-shirts made in Canada from recycled water bottles and organic cotton, to jackets made in Canada from recycled materials that can be sent back to the supplier for re-use.  These products help our clients demonstrate their value and that they 'purchase with purpose'.

At the same time, many of our suppliers are as concerned about providing sustainable products as we are.  They are innovating in ways to meet the demand for thoughtful, regenerative manufacturing that will benefit all of us over the longer term.

Our goal is that whenever someone is about to order branded merchandise, they ask for the sustainable option first.  And that that is the norm.

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