Swag builds Culture

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Eco swagWe believe that having great branded merchandise is a way to build culture within your organization.  Having the right swag – in line with your values and your brand – can help create a sense of community and belonging.  The products you choose and the design you use are tangible ways to build an emotional connection among employees and others in your organization.
"Putting your company’s style in your swag reinforces that feeling that there’s something special going on and something worth being part of.” Ryan Holmes, CEO, Hootsuite.
Some of the most innovative organizations have designed their own swag in-house. It’s been a powerful tool for team building, inspiring creativity, and having a little fun! Engaging team members throughout the organization will reinforce that their ideas and input matters. 
It doesn’t have to be expensive either, whether it is a mug, t-shirt, journal, jacket, cool tech item or other product – the design and messaging are what is important.

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