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inspiring quote with a wind power landscape backgroundHow did Oyster come to be? It all started in December 2015 to fill a need for sustainable promotional merchandise. The current market size is $2 billion in Canada and branded merchandise is a tangible way for companies to communicate their brand and their values.

Jane Mitchell (Principal, Oyster Promo) believed there was an opportunity to make a difference and help companies think about their purchases (and how they represent their brand) in a different way. 

After working in marketing and communications for many years, and for a sustainable mutual fund company, Jane saw an opportunity for organizations to use promotional products to help build their brand in an eco-friendly way.
'Business has to be central to delivering the change we need.’ And Oyster has set out to do just that.

If you’re interested in talking about some of the products we offer please email us at oysterpromo@gmail.com.


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