Trends in Branded Merch for 2022

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With so many companies identifying as a “lifestyle” brands, your merch is a great way to reinforce the values your brand stands for. Branded merch is seen as a tangible way to experience a brand. One of the key trends is an interest in premium products and statement pieces.  A second trend is around zero waste and circularity and finally the ‘retro' trend is based on people's feelings of nostalgia.   Below are some of the products and information associated with the different trends.

The most popular product categories in recent months have been drinkware and tote bags. This popularity makes perfect sense when we look deeper into the trends for 2022.

Trend #1: Premium products

Merch is being seen as a tangible and concrete example of the brand experience.  From MIIR to Porter to Corkcicle along with high end jackets, bags, tech products, journals and more, premium products are growing in popularity.  Note: your design is an important part of this equation - you can take a simple (and inexpensive) product and make it a great and covetable piece by the design you add.

Trend #2: Zero Waste and circularity

This is an important trend that we love and one we expect to continue to grow.  The type of products that we are seeing related to this trend and that are popular:  pre-loved mittens - made from scrap pieces; notebooks with pages made from apple peels, along with totes where you send in old banners and have them remade into your own bespoke totes.  Repurposing and reusing products is making branded merch more circular and creating less waste.

Trend #3: Retro

This trend is fun and relates in part to the desire for comfort and a return to the ‘good old days’. This is understandable - the feeling of safety and control is something that has been lacking in the past couple of years and there is a yearning for simple and known.  From products like the old oval coin purse, to envelope openers, to tshirts and jackets in 70’s motifs and colours - the retro trend can be seen in all kinds of products.  

At Oyster we keep up on the trends and offer a full service experience.  Whether you are looking for one product or a selection of merch in a gift box, or a company store set up - we can meet your needs.   We are marketers with sustainable branding backgrounds and branded merchandise experts.

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