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When you are first ordering branded merchandise, here are the things to consider. 

1) It is helpful for us to have some background information on your project:  what is the purpose, who will the merch be for, what are your goals and objectives?

2) Quantity and Budget:  How many pieces you need and your overall budget are two of the key pieces of information for us to understand.

3) Deadlines: Is there a specific date you need to receive the products - the ‘in hands’ date?  Please let us know up front when you need to have the products delivered.

4) Artwork: Most items require a high-res image or vector art.  Vector file types: .ai, .eps, pdf.  Not vector art: .jpeg, .tif, .png - and no - saving any of these formats as a .pdf does not make it into vector art.  Your colours should be pantone colours provided in a PMS format.

5) Graphic Design: If you do not have camera ready (vector) artwork, we’d be happy to come up with ideas for you and/or to convert your designs into the correct format for decorating.

6) Timing: The timing from approval of artwork to receiving your products differs depending on the product.  In general it takes 2 - 3 weeks from approval of artwork to shipping.  Some products can be turned around much faster, some require a bit longer.

7) Shipping:  We will have the products delivered directly to you or the address you define.  Usually, they will come from our suppliers directly to you.

We always love coming up with product and design ideas if you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for.

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